Web Forms and Your Business

We are happy to say that we now have the ability to host web forms for our customers.

You can place a link to the form page on your website or we can provide the web form HTML.

So, how do our web forms work? You give us the best form you have. If it’s a word document or PDF or maybe even a fill-able PDF, it doesn’t matter, we will put it on the web for easy access by your employees, vendors, customers or whoever you do business with. We will add a the components for an E-Signature to any webform that needs signed..

Once a person fills out the form and clicks SUBMIT, the form is then migrated to our document management system. That is, if a folder for that person or entity exist.

Document Management System

But what if there is no folder for the person who submits the web form? Such as an applicant filling out an employment application. You would not know this person yet so there would be no folder to file the web application to.

If there is no folder then we can take data from the form and create a folder automatically. This is especially true of things like employment applications. The ability for applicants to fill out an application from anywhere is a huge benefit for companies who do a lot of hiring or recruiting agencies who need to make it easy to apply.

In the case of an employment application, we would take all the static information about the applicant straight from the web form and build an Applicant Folder in our system.

Document Management System Workflow

So, if we make a folder for a new applicant someone needs to know about it, right? Well, this is where workflow comes into play. When a web form is submitted we build the folder, file the form and then route to a specified user in our system. Anytime a document is put into workflow we also send an email notification that the user has a new application in their workflow inbox. This is very beneficial to the entire document process and without ever creating a single piece of paper, because we know how inefficient paper is.

To learn more or get pricing please fill out our demo request form in the menu at the top of this page and we will connect to discuss you need to automate some paper processes.