Video Conferencing is nothing new, but we found a way to add a document management solution to a video conferencing solution.

When the county commission searched me out and asked if I could setup a way for the Judge to hold hearings via video conference, It was a no brainer for me. Having used Skype for business in my own business I knew this would be very easy to setup. All we needed was a good internet connection at both ends.

I also knew there had to be some paperwork between the defendants and the courts, and there were. Now, was the time to introduce a paperless solution with our paperless software, workflow and a couple of signature pads.

So, at the jail we set up a large screen smart TV,  Computer, a good $200 camera and a signature pad. We also set up something similar in the Magistrates office. Recently we set this up on a Judges bench as well.

Both ends had good high speed internet. So, we set up Skype accounts so the Judge could initiate a video call to the jail. Once the call was connected they were able to begin their hearings.

We took their court forms and turned them into fill-able PDF forms with E-Signature fields.. Magistrates would have a list of who is in these hearings each day and they would create a “Defendant Folder” in our system, click the NEW button and choose the correct form. The forms are signed via a Topaz Signature pad.

I took the time to make a video of this entire process for anyone who may want to use video conferencing and exchange documents at conference time. This was primarily a court hearing solution and I tweaked the process so everyone at both ends could do their part regardless of technological experience. In other words, it had to be easy to use.

Since the making of this video we have had some request to do this without installing any software.  The reason is because Sates tend to control the computers in Clerks office and even the Judges chambers. So, we now have a way to do all of this over a Secure Web connection for the paperless software with workflow. Although, workflow is not  a requirement since all parties have access to the same folders and documents.

A judge could easily find John Does folder and inside that folder he could open the court forms to sign them. So, workflow is not really necessary. We used it to make the process easy at the jail. All they do is click on Workflow and their defendants are all listed in alphabetical order for that days hearing. It is less mouse clicks that way and once they are finished with a defendant they can click file to Cabinet to remove that folder from the workflow. Once the workflow is empty the hearings are over.

To see this for your self, here is the video of the entire process. it is about 9 minutes long because we show what happens at both ends. It starts with a video call.

The only piece that has to be installed is the Skype for business and our court systems already have that installed on all their state computers.

The reason to use Skype for business is the video encryption it offers. Microsoft owns Skype but this encryption  was developed before Microsoft took over. It seems to be a fairly secure way to hold a video conference. The connection to our software over the web uses SSL Encryption as well. Then there is the username and password to enter the document system making this a safe way to conduct business.

Below was the local newspaper article that talks about the approval of what we did for the county.,307? 

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