For over 15 years we have helped businesses and various corporate departments move to a paperless office. Our document management software can be cloud based or installed on an internal server. Below is a sampling of testimonials we have received from customers.

I’ve known Tim Peek since 2005 when we purchased our first document imaging program, and his partnership is key to Southland International Trucks.

It’s difficult to think of Tim as a vendor. He is a significant resource for us; knowledgeable, trustworthy, and has our best interest at heart. His customer service skills exceed any I’ve ever seen, and I believe that is apparent because of his genuine interest in serving people. Tim goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Tim makes it easy to do business with him, by being available when we need him to be. He listens to our needs, presents solutions, and manages the entire process. We work in fast pace environment, and it’s not always easy to find the time to train on a new product.

Tim meets with individual employees to teach them, and also listens to THEIR needs We recently received short, precise, step-by-step training videos that Tim created for us. He truly makes our job easier. If Tim sees that there is a problem in any area, he brings it to our attention and asks permission to resolve it. He does what he says he’s going to do, and more!

You won’t find a more honest, reliable and patient partner than Tim Peek, and it’s an honor for me to recommend him.

Dianne Sewell, VP Accounting & HR, Southland International Trucks, Inc.

Cabinet Paperless software has revolutionized the storage, retrieval and inner corporate routing of our patient medical records and personnel files.

Tim Peek put in a lot of time and effort presenting the options available to our company, and the open-ended architecture and flexibility of using Cabinet has been a great benefit to our business process.

We now archive all of our patient files along with Medicare and/or health insurance documents in Cabinet Safe in all of our Louisiana skilled nursing facilities. It is faster and more efficient to access and export well-ordered electronic documents as needed, rather than searching through paper files, especially when assembling requested files for RAC audits, ARD’s and health insurance companies.

The implementation of Cabinet Safe has made it possible for us to dramatically decrease Medicare payment refund amounts due to RAC audits since all of our patients’ paper medical records are now scanned into a well organized and easily accessible electronic paperless document storage system.

Cabinet Safe has also enabled us to utilize electronic patient admission packets, employee hire packets, and other electronic forms. These can be accessed and opened, and then filled out and signed on our computer screens and easily filed back into their corresponding patient or employee folders.

Dan Russell, Medical Records Administrator, Senior Care Centers

Our agency began using Cabinet at the beginning of 2015 in an effort to store our personnel files. We are a large Sheriff’s Office (over 600 employees) so as you can expect it was a large undertaking.

We completed the process after just a couple of months mostly due to the user friendly software and the help of Tim.

Cabinet is efficient and was customized to fit our agency needs.
Tim does a great job of making Cabinet work for us and is available and willing to help with any question that arises. Now we are in the process of scanning all of our case files into Cabinet relating to our enforcement actions.

Tim took several hours and methodically helped set up each unit within Cabinet and made sure everything was the way we needed it. Our next goal is working towards a paperless report system with Cabinet and look forward to continuing our partnership.

I would definitely recommend Cabinet and Tim if you are looking for an efficient document management program.

Colonel Russell Smith, Chatham County Sheriff Department

Tim Peek has been been hands on with this department in setting up our Cabinet Document Management System. He has been there helping us with any questions or problems we might have had.

The Cabinet Management System has simplified our filing system for investigator files, human resource files, and jail files.

We know longer have to hunt files by hand in a file room now all we have to do is punch in a name or case number and we have the information need.

Dayron Bridges, Chief Deputy, Walker County Sheriff Department

Tim’s knowledge about the Cabinet hardware and software has been a great asset to our office. With his help and support, we have managed to update our office procedures and achieve better access to our office records.

Thanks to the Cabinet Share Program, we now have a secure way to email confidential documents to our customers.

Roger Starnes, Appraisal Department, Walker County Revenue Commission

Our agency began using Cabinet this year, and what an improvement it has made! Cabinet is efficient, user friendly, and customizable to fit our agency needs.

Not only is Cabinet customizable to our agency, it is also customizable to each user. I use cabinet to set reminders for myself, link important dates and meetings to my calendar, or send messages and reminders to my coworkers.

Cabinet is also interactive with our agency applications, letters, and forms which makes it very easy to prepare for our customers in a timely manner.

Tim does a great job of making Cabinet work for us. He is available and willing to help with any question that arises. I would definitely recommend Cabinet and Tim if you are looking for a efficient document management program.

Brittany Harbin, Agent, Coastal Professional Insurance