It’s no secret that Special Education Departments generate a lot of paper.  It’s also no secret that paper can be unmanageable and inefficient. Paper processes contain bottlenecks that can and does  slow down progress.

For example one of our partners in Mississippi determined that the Special Education Department of the Hattiesburg School District ran into a common problem for any office in that: they had acquired and catalogued so many student records that locating a single file became a time-consuming chore – especially during the “December Count” that has to be taken each year and reported to the Department of Education.

Along with unmanageable and time consuming paper records comes the issue of valuable floor space. Many school districts across the country have already began to scan those graduated students into a document management system.

We develop both web based and client/server based software solutions  to these problems. Problems specific to the Special Education documentation process. For example; digital forms that offer digital signatures from a desktop PC or a mobile device creates a paperless process as long as those forms know where to go after they are signed. Where do they go? Well, to the student folder, of course.

At OnPoint DMS we can help in three ways.

First, by using our SPED Student software to scan both inactive and  active students, SPED’s can retain all student records in a single place. Records that can be created, filed, retrieved and transferred in seconds not hours or days.

Before we provide the scan services districts provide us with an Excel Spreadsheet or CSV text file of all their students along with their First and Last Name, Middle Initial, Student ID and DOB. These are the essentials to correctly identify a student record.  OnPoint DMS can provide a “Business Associate Agreement” as well as the proper “Non-Disclosure Agreement” before starting any work.

Second, we can provide SPED’s the ability to securely transfer any student document or an entire student folder with another district with a few clicks of the mouse. Simply put, we work with school districts to develop solutions that meet their needs for easier, faster and a more manageable student records management. Districts that use our solutions can enjoy integrated transfers with other districts who use our solutions.

Third, we offer forms solutions. Not just fill-able forms but forms that can legally accept electronic signatures. These forms can be web forms or forms filled out inside the student folder. Either way we want to create a truly paperless experience for our customers.

Any solution that focuses on scanning is not a paperless system. We are convinced that digital records are much easier to create, sign, file, manage, retrieve and transfer than paper files.

Give us a call and let’s discuss your school district needs, chances are we already have software developed to meet your needs.

Scan a Single Student Document from Tim Peek on Vimeo.