Work With Your People.
Instead of Your Paper

The document driven processes for HR including payroll and benefits can turn into a lot of paperwork.  The more applicants and employees a company has the more documents they create. Keeping track of it all can be a hassle to say the least.

Even for those who have documents emailed from branch offices ultimately end up printing it out, sending it for approval or filing it away after the task at hand is complete.

When it comes to multiple locations, usually all of the filing this is done in the “Home Office” but with our  document management system the filing can be shared between the branch offices, and in a very secure way without compromising security or accessibility to personnel files.

Scanning daily paperwork and dragging email attachments is a start, but it’s not the end of the paperless journey when you work with us.

Using data captured from both PDF and Web forms we are able to accomplish more. For example; If a new applicant types in all their information on a web form, why should you have to type that same information in again for your systems? These are things that make you more efficient. Using data wisely is a good strategy and that’s where we help as you grow into our system.

Best of all. Should you choose to our servers in the cloud even your I.T. department won’t have access to personnel files.  No I.T. needed. Just log in and enjoy the systems ease of use.


Need Web Forms?

We can take an employee application or any form you use and turn it into a form that can be filled out on the web. once a form is completed and signed it creates an employee folder on our system and inserts the signed application into the folder. But that’s not all, the web form is also automatically routed to a user of our system.

Tightly integrated web forms like this can greatly increase your recruitment efforts for good employees. We simply give you a link tot  he web page and you can post that link on your website or in your advertisements. They also save a lot of time because nobody has to handle email or print attachments since it is processed into the document management system.


Demo Request
Your information is kept private and you are not put on any mailing list. We will contact you to set a date and time for a web conference & demo.