Many businesses assume their onsite data backups are safe, but, at the end of the day, your external hard drives and local tape backups are no longer good enough. With natural disasters happening more often and depending on people to swap out drives cloud backups  are quickly becoming the new standard for data storage.

While Dropbox and Google Drive have advantages for your pictures and non-sensitive data, their security measures are not foolproof against malicious attacks and ransom ware. You should never trust these unsecured sources to store you important business documents or databases.

Whether you are backing up files and folders, Virtual Machine Images or SQL databases, OnPoint DMS offers cloud backup services that encrypts the data in transit and uses state of art certified data centers in Nashville, Birmingham, Texas, Montreal and soon in New York. We use some of the industry’s most advanced backup, disaster recovery and data management software – but we make it affordable at only 10 cents per GB per month.

Rather than sell you cookie-cutter services with internet and email only support, we work with you closely and provide the services that you need, in a way that fits your needs and budget. We’ll give you all the tools and expertise necessary to protect your data – from helping plan your recovery strategy to facilitating recovery drills to providing virtual disaster recovery services.


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